Going green

What We Do

We know it’s not easy being green but if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, finding a pathway to net zero or simply want to save money and reduce your overheads, Greener Edge can help.

The team at Greener Edge offers you independent advice so you can choose the best products for your needs.

Carbon footprint measurement and analysis and decarbonisation strategy development

Greener Edge calculates the entire footprint of a business covering the complete scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Domestic and Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Greener Edge can deliver both Domestic and Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Energy audits and energy management services

We map how energy is used in a building. We find out how much energy is used for lighting, heating, cooling and processing equipment etc and what equipment uses that energy.

Integrated sustainability action plans

Greener Edge will work with clients to deliver a comprehensive sustainability action plan, that covers all aspects of energy efficiency and decarbonisation, the supply chain and resource efficiency as well as the natural environment and biodiversity.

Greener Edge looks at the full 360 picture. We also look at projects through different lenses, identifying the areas that are important to the client and the client’s stakeholders, and working with them towards their goals.

These lenses include:


The financial lens

The finance lens is important and one of the biggest things we look at as people need to justify a return on their investment on projects –  unless you can analyse something financially you cannot justify any capital expenditure or capital borrowing.

The carbon lens

Moving to a lower carbon solution may not be cheaper. It’s important to look at the priority of the organisation: is it looking at the project purely from a financial perspective? Or from a carbon perspective? It often needs to be a blend of the two.

The environmental impact lens

This is where we focus on pollution, effluent, spillages, correct storage of materials etc. We look at the direct impact on the planet and to the client on a local level.

The waste and resources lens

This involves looking at the direct carbon footprint of materials as well as the ethical sourcing of goods. What is more important, buying a product that is reusable but has been manufactured a long way away or buying a locally produced single-use but recyclable product?

The ethical lens

You can buy the ‘greenest’ products such as electric cars where you assume you are helping to save the planet, but what if the batteries in those electric cars use Lithium mined in the Congo, or the most recyclable product is manufactured in factories with a poor human rights record?

Greener Edge also provide:

  • ISO:14001 and ISO:50001 auditing and support
  • Waste audits
  • Project management
  • Biodiversity audits

We have a proven track record of helping organisations operate more sustainably, so please get in touch today to see what we can do for you.